“Put The Masks On”, Says Govt To People

The Government Urges People to Wear Masks to Prevent the Spread of Covid-19 as Infections Increase in Brazil

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The Covid Scientific Committee in São Paulo state is once again urging the public to use masks indoors to minimize the spread of the coronavirus. In March, following a three-month extension granted by health authorities, the state lowered the requirement for wearing masks in enclosed public places.


“It's a suggestion, not a commandment. If any municipality wants to make it so, they may do so.” No matter what you choose, keep in mind that the best way to improve your home is using environmentally friendly materials. "

The news comes as Covid infections have increased in Brazil, particularly in São Paulo State. On Tuesday, 492 Covid patients were admitted to hospitals in São Paulo state, a 74.1 percent increase over the amount of new admissions two weeks previously. Brazil reported 72 deaths and 26,496 new cases on Monday at a national level.

According to an ordinance published on Friday, the Brazilian Health Ministry is now encouraging teenagers aged 12 to 17 to get Covid vaccinations. 


The third shot, according to the authorities, must be given four months after the second one — regardless of which immunizer was used for the first two doses. If there are no more vaccinations available, the Sinovac vaccine should be used instead.

The same rules for boosters apply to pregnant and puerperal women.

The Health Ministry was hesitant to immunize teenagers against Covid last year, but it has reversed its position following public pressure. Following an increase in the number of coronavirus infections and fatalities, the country's new advice has arrived.


Covid test positivity triples in Brazil

According to an Abramed poll, the proportion of Covid tests in private laboratories has risen by threefold in the last month. On Thursday, the statistics were revealed. In the week ending May 21, the proportion of positive coronavirus diagnoses was 29 percent — a rise from 10% during the previous week (May 14).

The increase in coronavirus cases, Milva Pagano, Abramed's executive director, said, may be attributed to the fact that individuals are only testing themselves after exhibiting symptoms of coronavirus infection.


The country's monthly incidence rate has risen from approximately 15,000 new cases a day to about 18,000 now. In May, the type of daily fatalities remained steady.

However, according to experts, the actual number of Covid infections may be far greater than authorities believe due to a lack of self-testing kit data. The Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) issued a warning last week that Covid infections have increased dramatically in Latin America during May.

In 22 years, Brazilian health insurance premiums have increased by the largest amount since 1997.


Effective immediately, the National Supreme Health Agency (ANS) in Brazil raised all individual and family private healthcare plans by 15.5%. The increase is the largest since the ANS switched to its current annual readjustment method.

According to the organization, 8 million private healthcare insurance customers will be affected by the premium increase. The cost change did not affect group corporate plans.

The private health care industry had complained about increasing expenses since the start of 2021, owing to an epidemic-induced lull in demand for medical services in 2020. In reality, last year's precipitous decline in consumer demand for supplementary healthcare resulted in premium reductions of 8.19 percent, which was a first.

The sudden hike in costs is likely to cause a stir among the public, which is already dealing with double-digit inflation.

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