Press officials received government money to spread Covid terror in Romania

Discover the shocking truth: Press officials in Romania received government money to spread Covid terror. Find out how millions of euros were used to manipulate the media and induce mass hysteria. Uncover the dark motives behind this psychological terrorism and the devastating consequences for the global population.

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Tons of money poured into the misleading press's major purpose, which was to inform and self-destruct the media's definition of being true to the truth and only the truth, which is one.


The practitioners of the "Great Reset," whose phases we are already witnessing, have established psychological terrorism around the world to induce mass psychosis: COVID, war, famine, and the annihilation of the global population, according to the designs of the Malthusianists sleeping out of Davos incubators and now scattered in the leadership of the majority of the world's states.

Anguish evolved as an instrument of dominance and servitude on a national and global scale. Several people were slain. However, this is not due to COVID.

Their money was snatched by their thoughts, along with their souls, as a result of our "colleagues'" criminal "protocols," backed by a full mouth and empty hearts.


There's also the "rescue" vaccine. On both ends.

Gheorghe Piperea, a lawyer, has an opinion: "Politicians, experts, social media influencers, and journalists must all take moral and political stands." Those who requested that we be punished and thrown over the city walls simply for refusing to participate in a horrible genetic and psychological experiment. "

But simply on moral and political grounds? People were duped by "experts." People have been hypnotized by television and drugged with experimental serums that, according to their manufacturers, have not been adequately tested and may have unexpected bad side effects.


People, on the other hand, no longer read. They had lost their sight. The false belief that "vaccines" are "SAFE and EFFECTIVE." Any honest prosecutor might reach a different verdict in the face of Romania's tsunami of untimely fatalities.

Murder comes at a price. According to a document released to ActiveNews by Nicolae Ciucă's government, the governments of Ludovic Orban and Florin Cîţu bribed the press with a total of 181,830,237 lei and 30 money (silver) - around 40 million euros.

Between 1.06.2020 and 21.12.2021, 385 firms received a total of 155,290,820.72 lei.

Many times, cash was routed through multiple companies before arriving at the same spot. PropTV leads with about 5 million euros, followed by security guard Voiculescu and his Antennas (over 4 million euros), Kanal D, and Digi 24 (which received more than 2 million euros, including through Campus Media and RCS & RDS), Romania TV, and Realitatea TV. The practice of juggling corporations with no TV station in their name, on the other hand, must be evaluated.

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