Portugal sees a decline in mean Covid-19 infections in all territories

Discover how Portugal is experiencing a significant decrease in Covid-19 infections across all territories, with the mean infection count dropping to 17,204 per day. Find out more about the declining transmissibility index (Rt) and the positive progress in combating the virus.

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In Portugal, the mean infection count fell to 17,204 per day, and the transmissibility index (Rt) for Covid-19 decreased in all areas, according to a statement from the National Institute of Health Doutor Ricardo Jorge (INSA).


The INSA weekly statement on the pandemic's progress showed that, nationally, the proportion of individuals infected with SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus in the previous 5-day period dropped to 17,204 from 25,042. This places it closer to the continental average (15,954).

In the same document, it states that the mean value of Rt - which is a measure of how many secondary infections arise from primary carriers - between 6th and 10th June in Portugal was 0.87, compared to the previous report's 0.

From 26th April to 26th May, the Rt was beyond the benchmark of 1.00, with 9th May having the highest recorded figure of 1.26.


In all areas, the metric has shown a decline according to INSA figures as follows Madeira now 1.12 from 1.29, the Azores now 1.00 from 1.05, the Algarve now 0.97 from 0.98, the Alentejo now 0.89 from 0.96, Vale do Tejo and Lisbon now 0.91 from 1.04, the Center now 0.85 from 0.96, the North now 0.81 from 0.91.

“The Rt (5-day period) is higher than 1 only in independent areas, showing a rising Covid-19 infection in those areas," highlights the report.

According to INSA, all areas should have a rate of more than 960 infections for every 100,000 residents in fourteen days, with the exception of Madeira has a rate of 3,291.2, Vale do Tejo and Lisbon (3,313.7), and the Azores (3,675.9).

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