No Deaths Since March: Honduras COVID Update

Discover the latest COVID update from Honduras: No deaths have been reported since March, until a recent unfortunate incident. Read more about a 32-year-old woman's story and the importance of vaccinations in staying safe.

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In the last few hours, a 32-year-old woman died at the National Cardiopulmonary Institute (INCP), better known as Hospital del Tórax, after 72 days without reporting deaths from this cause at the care center.


Nía Carbajal, the hospital's spokesperson, told us that it is a 32-year-old woman from Tela, Atlántida, with underlying illnesses who had received two vaccines.

“She had a simple disease, two COVID-19 vaccines, and she was more susceptible; the public must realize that the disease is still here and that the vaccinations keep us safe,” she added.

He explained that three stable patients and one in critical condition are cared for at the Thorax Hospital. He stated that no fatalities caused by the virus have been reported since March 22 of this year.

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