No Covid-19 certificate requirement in Lithuania

Discover the latest update from Lithuania - the COVID-19 Passport is no longer required for events and services. Proof of vaccination, recovery, or negative test result is no longer necessary for entry into restaurants, social gatherings, and more. Find out more about the eased regulations and travel restrictions in Lithuania.

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The COVID-19 Passport is no longer required for participation in events and services in Lithuania, according to government officials.


There is no longer any requirement for citizens and tourists to present proof of vaccination, recovery or a negative test result in order to enter restaurants, pubs, social gatherings and services.

National Certificate was crucial in keeping the pandemic at bay. This helped keep businesses and industries functioning and promoted vaccinations, according to Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Imonyt.

Officials no longer believe strict national criteria are necessary because the majority of people have been vaccinated and COVID-19 is under control.


As long as everyone adheres to fundamental rules, such as wearing a mask and keeping a respectful distance from others, the requirement to submit a pass has been abolished.

Although Lithuania has eased some of its national regulations, it continues to limit travel.

There have been orange flags in all EU and EEA nations since February 5. There are no longer any self-isolation restrictions for EU/EEA citizens who have not been vaccinated.


Visitors from the European Union and the European Economic Area (EEA) who do not have a COVID-19 test can now visit Lithuania.

If your last dose of vaccine was more than 270 days ago, you are exempt from any additional entry requirements for traveling to Lithuania as a fully vaccinated EU/EEA traveler.

Those having a certificate of recovery can enter the EU/EEA without limitation if they were infected within 180 days of their arrival.

According to the same statement, the requirement for tourists who have not had a booster shot in more than 270 days will continue to apply to third-country visitors.

Except for Lithuania, other EU/Schengen countries have loosened the COVID-19 requirements.

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