No compulsion on COVID booster vaccine - health minister

Bangladesh Health Minister affirms no compulsion for COVID booster vaccine, emphasizes on individual choice. Find out more about the government's stance and the rising cases in the country.

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Following a meeting with the Bangladesh Association of Pharmaceutical Industries on Thursday, the minister stated that the government's responsibility is to raise awareness about the COVID-19 vaccinations.


"We'll educate individuals about the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccination, and they'll decide whether or not to get a booster dose." We're not going to force them to get booster shots."

According to the minister, coronavirus illness is on the rise in Bangladesh and neighboring nations.

"All we can say is that anyone who hasn't gotten their booster shot should do so as soon as possible." When someone catches the disease, a booster dose of the COVID vaccine lowers the risk of mortality. That's why I think booster shots are necessary."


Coronavirus infections have resurfaced in Bangladesh, prompting experts to recommend that the government make the booster dosage of the COVID vaccine more widely available. A third dose is also advised by the National Technical Committee on Coronavirus Infection Prevention for people who have not yet received it.

People, on the other hand, have shown little enthusiasm for a booster shot.

According to government data, more than 27.4 million people received a booster as of Wednesday, compared to 118.5 million who received two doses of the COVID vaccination and 128.9 million who received the first.

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