New Covid-19 cases in Hohoe include eighty-six hospital workers and six children<strong> </strong>

New Covid-19 cases in Hohoe include hospital workers and children, with increasing concerns over protocol adherence and healthcare resources. The Hohoe Municipality is urging for stricter enforcement of Covid-19 protocols and seeking donations for contact tracing efforts. Challenges in managing the pandemic include a lack of transport, storage facilities, and financial support for healthcare clinics. Efforts are underway to provide motorcycles for better case management, while border controls remain in place to prevent the spread of the virus.

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Hohoe Municipality records new Covid-19 cases involving six youngsters aged between 5 and 12. Out of the 6 youngsters, 5 received medication and were discharged. In the last case, a child aged 6 years is responding to therapy. 


From the first month of this year to June, a total of eighty-six Hohoe Municipal Hospital workers have contacted the virus. 

Within the same time period in 2021, 459 workers of the hospital contacted the virus and 4 people died from the infection. 

At a public Health Emergency Management Committee gathering, Hohoe Municipality Disease Control Officer, Mr. Philip Nani-Tome lamented that the residents in the region have ditched hand washing, face masks, and social distancing. Making matters worse was the silence of the media on sanitization. 


Mr. Nani-Tome is suggesting the enforcement of Covid-19 protocols legislature by the Hohoe Municipal Assembly. 

He is also pleading for monetary donations for fuel purchases to facilitate contact tracing.  Mr. Nani-Tome also stressed the municipality was yet to get the second shot doses for those that received the first AstraZeneca vaccines while vaccine apathy is also rife. 

He further highlighted the lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers in the municipality. 


Mr. Nani-Tome is calling on religious centres to stick to Covid-19 protocols and restrict services to 2 hours. 

He highlighted other challenges limiting the Covid-19 management in the municipality including the lack of transport means for equipment to treatment centres. Others include lack of storage refrigerators for medications, lack of means for adequate home management, and lack of repayment to clinics spending on managing the pandemic. 

Hohoe Municipality Chief Executive, Mr. Andrews Teddy Ofori mentioned that the municipality will make motorcycles available as a way of aiding case management in the region.

Mr. Ofori is also calling on the Municipal Security Committee to come up with ways to enforce Covid-19 protocol adherence. 

Wli Afegame Border Post commander, Superintendent Odoi Jeffery Nii Laryea said borders are still blocked to human traffic and that the joint security team will continue to man illegal paths heading to the neighboring country, Togo.

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