Negative PCR test to travel from Oman

Travelers from Oman to India must have a negative PCR test or be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to board the plane. Failure to provide these documents may result in being denied entry or being sent back. It is important for parents to ensure their children are tested or vaccinated, as there have been reports of passengers being denied entry for not having their children tested. The Indian government has implemented strict COVID regulations to prevent the spread of the virus. Compliance with these regulations is crucial, as presenting fraudulent documents may lead to criminal prosecution.

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If they haven't been vaccinated against COVID, travelers from Oman to India will be tested in the next days.


All passengers must have a negative PCR test or be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before they can board the plane. Passengers who arrive at the airport without these two documents risk being sent back.

According to Go First, a low-cost Indian airline, there have been reports of passengers being denied entry to airports because they did not have their children tested for COVID-19.

COVID regulations are very strict in India, he noted. Remember that the globe took a number of measures to prevent the virus from spreading. Many preventative precautions have just lately been relaxed, allowing international travel to resume.


According to Perumal, the check-in personnel frequently receives requests from customers to be allowed to leave the airport because rebooking is expensive.

A COVID test is less expensive than a plane ticket, so parents should vaccinate their children or undergo a COVID test.

The Indian government's pre-traveller registration form, as well as the travellers' permanent Indian residence, ports of entry and exit, and contact information, must be made public on the Air Suvidha webpage.


Masks are not required at Oman's airports, although they are required for flights to India. Venkat Perumal stated that masks are provided to travellers who do not have them.

As a result, a travel agency in Oman reports that demand for flights to India has risen throughout the summer months.

“Many Indian subcontinent residents travel to see their families around this time of year." He stated they should get tested for COVID even though we've never had a client turned away because of it.

Either a negative COVID-19 PCR test result obtained within 72 hours of departure or proof of completion of the whole primary immunization schedule for COVID-19 are required for all passengers travelling on Air Suvidha.

If a passenger presents a fraudulent document, they could face criminal prosecution. Passengers who abide by the rules are allowed to board.

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