More freedom for the covers as Guernsey relaxes its Covid 19 rules

Gain more freedom as Guernsey relaxes Covid-19 rules: Face mask requirements lifted in healthcare facilities and decreased demand leads to Covid hotline operating only during weekdays. Find out more here.

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More freedom from Covid regulations as Guernsey relaxes its rules even more In the coming days, Guernsey will relax some of the limitations that it has placed on the use of Covid.


In all health care facilities, the need to wear face masks will be lifted as of tomorrow, June 2nd.

No longer will anybody entering or working inside Guernsey's hospital or other healthcare facilities be required to wear a face mask.

As a result of the decline in the number of cases of COVID on the island and the high vaccination rates, the government has announced that they would be returning back to the PPE guidelines that were in place before the epidemic.


In addition, there are presently no patients at the hospital who have been diagnosed with Coronavirus. However, guests are being asked to be polite to those who prefer to continue to cover their heads and shoulders.

The United States of America will proceed to monitor the usage of masks, particularly in the latter part of the year when the winter pressures begin to take effect.

The Covid hotline in Guernsey will stop operating over the weekends with immediate effect.


Because of the low amount of calls received on Saturdays and Sundays, it will now only be available throughout the week during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 9am-4pm).

It had been completely staffed for more than two years, but now there are just two full-time call takers and two support agents instead of the original 12 employees.

According to William Alexander, Project Manager of Guernsey Covid Response, "It's solely due to the decline in demand."

When the pandemic was at its height, the different phone lines we had set up for the Covid response were receiving more than 1,500 calls each and every day.

"We now only get two or three calls on the weekends. Keeping the lines open is not an effective use of resources."

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