Martinique's CHU will revive its white plan on Thursday.

The CHU of Martinique's white plan is set to be revived due to the surge in patients and challenges posed by the Covid-19 outbreak. Find out why the hospital system is being reactivated one month after suspension.

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Jérôme Le Brière, CHU of Martinique's director-general, advises his colleagues in an internal memo that the white plan has been reactivated one month after it was suspended. The inflow of patients to the emergency department, the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak on our territory, and operational challenges are all stated as explanations.

The CHUM had previously suggested a saturation of the hospital system in a Facebook post made on June 8, Wednesday.

Benjamin Garel, the previous director-general of the CHU de Martinique, initiated the white plan during the 4th wave connected to Covid-19 in July 2021. This decision was justified by the health scenario created by the recurrence of the Covid-19 pandemic and the continuance of greater hospital activity. Jérôme Le Brière lifted this white plan on May 1.

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