Last day, 4 Kazakhs were cured of COVID-19

Four Kazakhs who were previously infected with COVID-19 have successfully recovered, adding to the nation's total number of recoveries. This brings the overall count of recoveries to 1,292,060, with three individuals in Almaty and one in the Almaty region overcoming the sickness.

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The four Kazakhs who were missing from COVID-19 were found and recovered the day before.

During the course of the previous day, the Intergovernmental Commission for the Prevention of Coronavirus Spreads's Telegram Channel reported that four additional patients recovered from COVID-19. This information was obtained from patients who had been infected with the virus.

It takes the total number of recoveries that have occurred across the nation to 1,292,060. In the city of Almaty, 3 of them were able to overcome the sickness, and the Almaty region was home to the 4th person who succeeded.

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