Kyrgyzstan's ministry of health intends to increase the number of public dentistry clinics

The Kyrgyz Ministry of Health seeks to expand the network of public dentistry clinics in Kyrgyzstan, with the city of Osh serving as the pilot project. Through collaboration with the mayor, the ministry aims to identify potential locations for establishing more public dental clinics, ultimately increasing access to dental care.

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The Kyrgyz Ministry of Health's Dental Health Department is now attempting to extend the country's existing network of dental clinics.


One of the aims of the Ministry of Health, which is in charge of health policy, is to expand the current network of public dentist clinics.

The city of Osh has been chosen as the pilot project's location, and it will act as the test bed for the attempt to increase the number of public dentist clinics available.

Within the city limits of Osh, there are not one, not two, but three distinct public dental clinics, the total number of which will be able to grow due to the work that we are doing. As a result of our conversation with the Mayor of Osh, he has committed to scouting for areas all around the city that have the potential to become suitable locations for the establishment of public dental clinics.

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