Keep the Covid-19 rules for third world countries

Discover the COVID-19 entry requirements for non-EU countries visiting Estonia. Learn about the necessary documentation, including vaccination, recovery, or test certificates. Find out the validity periods for certificates and the consequences for visitors without the required documents. Explore the exceptional acceptance of COVID-19 visa holders by Estonia and the Netherlands.

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In spite of visa-free entry for EU citizens, Estonia continues to enforce COVID-19 entry requirements for visitors from non-EU countries.


And although says that most EU/EEA countries have decreased entry requirements for all tourists, Estonia still requires COVID documentation upon arrival.

A valid vaccination, recovery, or test certificate is required for all international travelers from non-OECD countries.

In Estonia, a vaccination certificate is only valid if the holder completed primary immunization within the past 270 days or had a booster dose within the past 12 months.


The holder of a recovery pass has demonstrated that he or she has fully recovered from the virus within 180 days of being issued the pass.

According to Visit Estonia, visitors to Estonia who do not have one of the required documents must remain in isolation for seven days.

The Netherlands and Estonia are the only two countries that accept COVID-19 visa holders.

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