Jordan nixes the need for PCR tests for travelers to the kingdom 

Discover the latest update from Jordan: PCR tests are no longer required for travelers, as decided by the National Epidemics Committee and the Ministry of Health. Vaccination efforts continue for all eligible age groups. Learn more about this new development.

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As recommended by the National Epidemics Committee, the Interior Minister, Mazen Faraya, Jordan's Acting Minister of Health, made the decision on Wednesday to scrap the need for travelers arriving in the country to undergo a PCR test.

It was decided that COVID-19 vaccinations will continue to be given to all the targeted age groups.

All health centers and hospitals in the Kingdom were sent a letter stating that they are not required to conduct PCR tests in order to admit patients. While a fast test can be used in situations of suspected infection or in emergencies, it is not recommended for use.

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