Indian-origin 'Spiderman' fined for flouting Covid rules in Singapore

Indian-origin 'Spiderman' fined for flouting Covid rules in Singapore. Singaporean of Indian descent, Kotra Venkata Sai Rohankrishna, pleads guilty to violating Covid-19 safe management procedures during New Year's Eve celebrations. Despite restrictions on gathering in groups of more than five, Kotra and his friends were part of a group of nine celebrating together. Dressed as Spiderman, he promoted his YouTube channel while violating safe management procedures.

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According to media reports, a Singaporean of Indian descent was fined $4,000 for violating coronavirus disease (Covid-19) criteria during the New Year's Eve celebrations last year. For his New Year's Eve party outfit, Kotra Venkata Sai Rohankrishna, 19, pled guilty to two counts of violating the Covid-19 safe management procedures.


Despite being prohibited from gathering in groups greater than five, Kotra was one of nine people who celebrated the New Year together. It was stated that he and three of his pals went to Clarke Quay to record the celebration, according to the Straits Times newspaper. Kotra, dressed as Spiderman, was all smiles as he promoted his YouTube channel to the throng.

The footage he posted to his YouTube channel showed him violating the safe management procedures for Covid-19.

Kotra allegedly came up with the concept of interviewing drunk people of the public for his YouTube channel, according to the court records. Friends Glaxy Low Xuan Ming and Lee Hern Sing volunteered to assist him implement the idea, together with Putchakayala Akash, an Indian-origin Putchakayala


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For his video, Low donned a wrestling mask and played the part of the wrestler while Lee and Akash managed the lighting and camera equipment.

When asked why Kotra was dressed as Spiderman, Deputy Public Prosecutor Jeremy Bin claimed that he did so to draw attention to himself and continued to wear it throughout the evening. He was in violation of Covid-19 requirements by not wearing a face mask underneath it.

"This New Year's party was a blatant smack in the face to the law," said Kotra in the four-minute-and-22-second edited film.

Kotra organised the outing in a deliberate breach, but Bin said that a fine was sufficient because of the nature of the breach and the accused's culpability.

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