Increased hospitalization COVID-19 signals danger

Rising hospitalization of COVID-19 patients poses a significant danger as cases surge in Maldives. Health officials advise the public to take precautions against the virus, while emphasizing the need for hospital visitors to exercise caution. Despite the repeal of certain regulations, the recent death due to COVID-19 highlights the seriousness of the situation. Stay informed and stay safe.

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While experts have noticed that the rising Covid-19 cases among patients hospitalized could pose to be threats, the cases in Maldives' have suddenly surged after a recent decline. Last week, HPA warned of rising cases. The health service advised the public to take precautions against COVID-19 on Sunday. The health officials are yet to reveal the confirmed statistics.


Patients with different diseases can only be hospitalized if they are tested COVID-19-negative. COVID-19 patients are treated in specialized care units.

Sunday night, IGMH pulmonologist Dr. Mohamed Ali stated hospitalized patients were testing positive for COVID—19. This shows a large number of COVID-19 patients, he said.

"Hospital visitors should be careful and must avoid being in the hospital premises for a prolonged period" he added.


HPA was advised to isolate and test anyone presenting COVID-19 symptoms in an early advisory. The government advised using masks if sick, and in crowded settings.

Maldives lifted the COVID-19 health emergency on March 13. Maldives repealed various regulations intended to combat the epidemic, including the mask mandate and PCR testing for passengers.

Although cases are rising, HPA hasn't taken any action. Maldives registered a COVID-19 death on Sunday, the first in three weeks.

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