In the United Kingdom, 2 million people suffer from long Covid

Discover the latest findings on long Covid in the United Kingdom. Over 2 million people are experiencing persistent symptoms after being infected with the coronavirus for more than 4 weeks. Learn how the numbers have increased and the potential long-term impact of this condition.

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 An estimated 2 m people in the United Kingdom have persistent Covid symptoms after being infected with the coronavirus for more than 4 weeks, according to a recent survey.


Approximate 3.1% of the population in the United Kingdom was enduring long Covid symptoms as of 1st May , according to an ONS survey of people living in private households.

This number is 200,000 more than the previous ONS estimate of 1.8 million on 3rd April.

Of the two million people that have self-reported long Covid, 442,000 , that is 22%, had Covid less than 12 weeks before their ongoing symptoms, 1.4 million (72%) had Covid-19 almost 12 weeks before their ongoing symptoms, 826,000 (42%) had Covid-19 almost 1 year ago, and 376,000 (19%) had Covid-19 almost 2 years ago.


"We've seen instances of long Covid caused by the omicron BA.2 variant that are as common as previous variants," according to David Strain, Clinical Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant at the University of Exeter Medical School.

According to Strain, the 376,000 individuals who have had Covid for more than two years are the most concerning figure in the survey, despite the fact that this only covers the first 4 months of Covid infections in the UK.

"This number will keep rising as all Covid-infected people in the second, third, and fourth waves continue to experience symptoms," predicted Strain.

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