In Palestine, COVID-19 has waned as the number of cases reached its lowest level in weeks

Discover the latest COVID-19 update in Palestine as new cases reach their lowest level in weeks. Find out more about the current situation and the efforts made by the Ministry of Health to combat the virus.

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The number of new COVID-19 cases in Palestine has been maintained at an all-time low this week. The report comes from the Ministry of Health in Palestine, with only 174 new cases reported in a single week.

According to the COVID-19 weekly statement from the Health Ministry (MoH), 168 new cases were confirmed in the West Bank between May 29th and June 5th, with only six registered in the Gaza Strip after 3267 testings.

There were 123 cases of the disease reported in the West Bank and 16 in Gaza territory. As per reports from the MoH, no COVID-19-related casualties were reported this week, and no patients are currently being treated in hospitals for COVID-19.

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