Huge increase in Covid-19 cases in Jordan

Discover the shocking surge in Covid-19 cases in Jordan, with a 72% increase during the 19th epidemiological week. Get insights from Adel Bilbeisi, an expert in the Prime Ministry for Health Affairs, on the rising positive rate and doubling of active cases. Stay informed on the latest developments.

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As per Adel Bilbeisi, expert at the Prime Ministry for Health Affairs and the person in charge of the pandemic, the number of reported COVID cases increased by 72 % during the 19th epidemiological week, which ran from May 7 to May 15.


The entire number of PCR tests has climbed by 62 percent, according to Bilbeisi of the Jordan News Agency in Petra, while the total number of hospitalized patients has decreased by 11 percent.

In comparison to the 18th epidemiological week, the positive rate increased by 36%, while the number of active cases doubled.

According to Bilbeisi, the death rate has remained stable for the second week in a row.

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