How Thailand intends to transition to endemic

Thailand's approach to transitioning to the endemic stage of Covid-19 includes implementing "3Por" and U2 methods for community health and safety. The country is set to ease restrictions in the coming weeks, with the upcoming CCSA meeting on June 17. The Public Health Ministry prioritizes universal prevention and vaccination measures, as well as ensuring enough beds, medicine, and medical staff. Covid-19 cases are declining, mainly among unvaccinated individuals. Efforts to increase vaccination rates, particularly among the elderly, are being made through vaccine campaigns and distribution. To maintain low infection rates, educational institutions and nightlife venues are urged to adhere strictly to prevention measures.

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Thailand will start to "loosen" Covid-19 limitations in the impending weeks as the country enters the "endemic stage." As per Thailand's Situation Administration (CCSA) ""3Por" and U2" methods will be put into operation to make sure community health and protection during the switch. The forthcoming CCSA meeting is scheduled for Friday, June 17.


The Public Health Ministry shall give priority to, “Universal Prevention and Universal Vaccination measures” ("U2) and Enough Beds ("3Por", Enough Medicine, and Enough Medical Staff).

The alert for Covid-19 is currently at Level 3 in all provinces, it could be reduced to Level 2 at the CCSA's next meeting. At the meeting, the destiny of the Thailand Pass may also be discussed.

According to the most recent CCSA meeting, Covid cases in Thailand are on a downward trend. The number of sufferers is due to patients who were not immunized.

The ministry hopes to increase vaccination rates by conducting vaccine campaigns and distributing shots to local health-promotion hospitals. The ministry is apprehensive about vaccination rates among the aged, who are currently only 45.1% fully vaccinated. The ministry's target for this group is 60%.

In order to keep Covid-19 rates low, educational institutions and nightlife venues are urged to severely stick to infection impediment methods. 

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