Hong Kong Backpedals on Home Quarantine for Covid Sub-Variants

Hong Kong Backpedals on Home Quarantine for Covid Sub-Variants: Discover why Hong Kong City has decided to revoke its home quarantine policy for Covid sub-variants, opting for stringent central quarantine measures instead. Learn how this drastic move aims to contain the spread of strains like BA.2.12.1 and protect residents from potential outbreaks.

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During the current lethal wave, Hong Kong City had decided to quarantine its residents at home.


With camps ready to go, there is a lingering sense of core seclusion.

As a preventative step, Hong Kong has brought back one of its strictest Covid Zero measures, requiring patients and their close contacts who have been exposed to new omicron sub-variants to be quarantined centrally.

To contain the spread of strains like BA.2.12.1, those who aren't afflicted, and their close relationships will be taken to government facilities like Penny's Bay.

It has been enacted for all 34 people infected with the newest viral types, including at least two families linked to a cluster in a Canadian school who claimed their living conditions were adequate.

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