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Travel to Greece: Proof of Vaccination Required for Entry Greece has opened its borders to EU citizens and non-EU visitors with a higher vaccination rate and improved epidemiological situation. To ensure public health and safety, authorities require proof of vaccination for entry. Accepted vaccinations include BioNTech/Pfizer, Pharma/Johnson & Johnson, China's armed forces, and AstraZeneca-Serum Institute of India. The WHO has recognized the Serum Institute of India's Covishield vaccine as proof of protection in 15 EU countries. Vaccination certificates in multiple languages are accepted, and they should include the vaccine's name, producer, and administration date. While not mandatory, having a vaccination certificate makes entry procedures easier. EU Digital COVID-19 Passport holders can also present additional certifications. Check the World map to see if your vaccination is accepted.

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In May, Greece opened its borders to EU citizens and visitors from outside the EU due to a better epidemiological situation and a higher vaccination rate.


Authorities impose entrance requirements, such as proof of vaccination, in order to protect public health and ensure tourists have a safe vacation.

The following vaccinations are accepted as proof of immunization in Greece, according Greek travel procedure:

In style: BioNTech/Pfizer (Comirnaty) (Spikevax)


Pharma (Vaxzevria) Johns-Johnson (Janssen)

China's armed forces (CoronaVac)

AstraZeneca-Serum Institute of India (Covishield)


It's the Novavax Sputnik versus Pfizer showdown. If you're looking for a vaccine that is safe and effective, look no further than BioNtech and Moderna.

According to WHO's head scientist, the Serum Institute of India's Covishield vaccination has been accepted by 15 EU countries as proof of protection.

Greece became a member of this club after the WHO designated the vaccination as an emergency treatment.


Approved by Switzerland Vaccines against the COVID-19 infection.

Vaccination certificates provided in any of these languages are accepted by Greek authorities.

To be accepted, the certificate must include the following information:


A vaccine's name, its producer, and the date of administration of each COVID-19 dosage COVID-19 vaccinations approved for travel to Italy

A vaccination certificate isn't required for foreign visitors to Greece. The document makes it easier to enter and check information.

"Veterans to Greece do not need to be immunized. Arrival procedures are made easier by the presence of a vaccination certificate. The government has stated that vaccination or antibody certificates are not "passports."


EU Digital COVID-19 Passport holders entering Greece may also present with two additional certifications.

The EU Digital COVID-19 Certificate was developed by the European Commission to facilitate travel within the European Union. Highlights of the certificate:

a one-page summary



Printed or digitized


Recognized throughout the EU

COVID-19 tourists now have a new resource at their disposal, thanks to VisaGuide.

You may see if your jab is accepted by checking the World map.

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