Here’s the latest Covid 19 news from Moldova

Get the latest Covid 19 news from Moldova, including infection rates, vaccination progress, and efforts by health authorities to control the situation. Find out how many doses have been administered and what percentage of the population has been vaccinated so far. Stay informed and optimistic as the country continues its battle against the pandemic.

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Ever since the epidemic began, Moldova has to date recorded 517,753 infections with 11,503 related deaths in the country. Right now, the caseload is at its lowest compared to recent weeks, and the daily death toll is also significantly lower. 


As far as vaccination is concerned, Moldova has given 2,148,116 vaccination shots of Covid vaccines to the general population. If we assume that each person needs two doses, as is the case, Moldova has already vaccinated 40.4% of its population. 

Still more needs to be done to stay on top of the situation, and Moldovan health authorities are trying their best to ensure that the COVID situation stays under control. 

In the last week, Moldova averaged at 427 doses per day. If it progresses at this rate, it will take a further 1244 days before another 10% of the population can be vaccinated. 

However health officials are optimistic because the Covid infection rate is now just above 1% of the total population, which is manageable. 

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