Health Ministry of Eritrea announcement regarding COVID-19 cases

Discover the latest update on COVID-19 in Eritrea as the Health Ministry announces six new positive cases. The country's total confirmed cases now stand at 9,751, with 9,633 successfully cured patients and 103 unfortunate fatalities. Stay informed and take necessary precautions.

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Six patients tested positive for COVID-19 during the recent round of testing at the Testing Station in Asmara, which is located in the Central Region. These tests were conducted in the city of Asmara in Eritrea. 

This immediately increased the overall number of confirmed cases in the country, which is already at 9,751 as of this writing.

The number of patients who are presently receiving successful treatment increases the total number of cured patients to 9,633, whereas the number of patients who are currently deceased brings the total number of patients who have died to 103.

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