Health measures in Guinea Bissau

Supporting Health Measures in Guinea Bissau: WFP's Initiatives for Malnutrition, Resilience Building, Social Protection, and COVID-19 Response

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In the first quarter of this year, WFP distributed 16 metric tons of specialized nutritious foods (Super Cereal Plus) to 48 nutritional recovery centers in the Oio, Bafatá, and Gabu regions to support a total of 915 targeted children as part of the prevention and moderate acute malnutrition (MAM) treatment programs.


WFP and its partner NGO ECAS-D are assisting the local community in the rebuilding of dikes and supporting women's groups in horticulture production as part of the resilience building initiatives in rural communities in the Bafatá region. ECAS-D also completed the building of three upgraded wells in the Gabu district and held two community awareness raising events to increase community participation in dikes restoration.

In January 2022, WFP coordinated the development of the project implementation plan to support the Ministry of Women, Family and Social Solidarity's efforts to strengthen the national social protection system after successfully securing funding from the Joint SDG fund in 2021 with UNICEF and UNFPA. WFP will expand its social protection coverage by delivering cash transfers to 1,500 disadvantaged households in areas severely hit by climate shocks as part of this new project, gathering critical evidence for the development of a social protection policy.

On January 18, the World Food Programme (WFP) received 725 metric tons of rice from the Chinese government to support the school feeding program for the school year 2021/2022.

The World Food Programme continues to assist Guinea-High Bissau's Commission for COVID-19 with the supply chain management of personal protective equipment, medical equipment, medicines, and hospital laboratory supplies by receiving, storing, and delivering these items to health facilities throughout the country. WFP donated 175 bottles of oxygen to several hospital units in Bissau's capital and rural districts on January 28. (Canchungo, Mansoa, Bafata, Gabu, Quinara, and Tombali). Guinea-Bissau has 7,586 COVID cases, 154 deaths, and 6,642 persons recovered as of January 30.

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