Haiti/COVID-19: Coronavirus vaccination programme in the north

Learn about the COVID-19 vaccination program in Haiti's North department and the efforts to increase vaccination rates. Despite campaigns and slogans, only 2% of individuals in the North have been vaccinated. The goal is to reduce COVID-19 transmission and protect against emerging variants. Vaccination is recommended for individuals aged 18 and above, especially those with comorbidities. The program offers Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen vaccines. Take responsibility in the fight against COVID-19 and help stop the spread in Haiti's North.

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With the introduction of vaccine doses against this pandemic in the department in July 2021, health authorities in the area have started public awareness campaigns to urge people to be vaccinated.


Despite this, the North is categorised as a less vaccinated department, with just 2% of individuals receiving vaccinations, according to Miss Ruthny Bazile Angrand, vaccine manager at the Ministry of Public Health and Population's North departmental directorate.

The DSN initiated a Coronavirus vaccination campaign with the slogan "Mwen Vaksinen, Ou Vaksinen, Nou tout Pwoteje" at the beginning of June.

The goal of this effort was to help reduce COVID-19-related morbidity and death by restricting the virus's transmission in the communities targeted for immunisation.


According to Dr Ernst Jasmin, the North departmental head of Public Health and Community, "this campaign was also meant to enable the population to immunise themselves against emerging versions of the virus that are growing more hazardous."

"This is an MSPP pilot initiative to urge as many individuals as possible to be vaccinated against the new COVID-19 strain," says the Ministry of Public Health in the North's number one.

It encourages all citizens to take responsibility in the battle to stop the Coronavirus from spreading throughout the country, especially in the North.

Travelling abroad and even working in specific organisations, such as the major tourist spot in the north, "Labadee," requires vaccination. Furthermore, 25 workers were fired at the start of this week due to a lack of vaccinations. They are now seeking restoration and compensation for the revocation.

Vaccination is recommended for anyone aged 18 and above, particularly those with comorbidities such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and other chronic conditions.

In addition to the standard and particular vaccinations, 174 teams consisting of a vaccinator, a registrant, and an ASCP will be spread across the Nord department's 19 towns.

This immunisation programme will employ the three kinds of vaccines accessible in the country. It's as follows:

Pfizer Janssen is a modern pharmaceutical company.

2 doses of Moderna at 28-42 day intervals

2 doses of Fizer at 21-day intervals

In order to be better protected against this pandemic, the MSPP (Ministry of Public Health and Population) and its partners are urging people to be vaccinated.

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