Ghana health service reports upsurge in COVID-19 cases

Ghana Health Service reports a surge in COVID-19 cases with a daily increase from 85 to 143. Active infections have risen from 1,674 to 2,314, while deaths have reached 802. Low adherence to COVID-19 standards is a concern, potentially leading to further infections. Take preventive measures, such as wearing masks, social distancing, and regular handwashing. Learn more about the virus and its effects.

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The number of new coronavirus infections in the Ghana has been increasing gradually, with a daily increase from 85 to 143, according to statistics from the Ghana Health Service (GHS).


Between the end of June and July 13, 2021, the overall active infection count increased to 2,314 from 1,674.

Within the same time frame, according to the GHS Coronavirus Update Page, deaths have risen to 802 from 796 while the count of verified infections has grown to 97,728 from 95,914.

Dr. Emmanuel Ahiable, the Greater Accra Regional Hospital's (Ridge) COVID-19 Case Management Lead, noted that the rise in COVID-19 infections was beginning to show up at the Hospital's Intensive Care Unit (ICU).


He stated that a week earlier, ten of the sixteen beds in the ICU were taken.

Dr. Ahiable was concerned about the low adherence to COVID-19 standards in certain regions, warning that an increase in infections may occur as a result of this.

To assist prevent the disease from spreading, he advised people to cover their faces, keep a safe distance and wash their hands with soap under running water on a regular basis.

Coronaviruses comprise a large family of viruses that occur commonly in animals. They can occasionally be referred to as zoonotic, which means they might be transferred from animals to humans, according to the US CDC.

It requires 4 to 6 days of incubation, especially for individuals with immunocompromised systems, both young and elderly. It might also cause bronchitis or pneumonia.

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