Germany wants to avoid lockdowns if there is a new COVID spike

Germany aims to prevent lockdowns in the event of a new COVID spike, prioritizing the continued operation of child care facilities and schools. The objective is to avoid a blanket lockdown and prepare for a probable increase in cases during the fall. While new COVID-19 cases have been decreasing, there were nearly fifty thousand additional infections reported recently. The omicron variant is also becoming more prevalent, prompting the recommendation for individuals above 70 to receive a second booster shot.

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The state and federal administrators in Germany have committed to attempting to keep child care facilities and schools open if a new wave of coronavirus infections occurs this fall.


The objective, according to Scholz, would be to avoid "another blanket lockdown" like what occurred when previous pandemic waves hit. Scholz made this statement after assembling with Germany's 16-state governors.

While the outbreak is expected to reduce further during the summer, authorities are planning for a likely upsurge in patients this fall, according to Scholz.

Despite the fact that Germany has seen a consistent drop in new COVID-19 cases over recent weeks, almost fifty thousand additional infections were reported Thursday.

According to Germany's disease control agency, the subtype of the omicron variant is occurring more frequently. It was previously observed in Portugal and South Africa.

The Robert Koch Agency advised individuals above 70 years to get a second booster shot to avoid a more serious COVID-19 sickness if they ever contract the virus.

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