Germany revokes Covid's passport.

Germany temporarily cancels Covid-19 passport requirement for travelers

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Germany has canceled the demand to show a Covid-19 passport as a criterion for entering the country for three months beginning from June 1.


This measure exempts travelers from presenting documentation proving that they are vaccinated, have healed from the disease, or have a current negative test result (termed the '3G rule').

Travelers from nations marked by the most hostile SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus variants that lead to Covid-19 disease must remain quarantined for 12 days, regardless of vaccination status.

"We will put the 3G rule on pause until the end of August," said Health Minister Karl Lauterbach in comments to the media organization Funke.

The health official didn't suggest whether this measure would be reinstated in September, only that it varies based on how contagions evolve.

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