For vulnerable patients, Finland recommends a fifth COVID booster

Finland Recommends Fifth COVID Booster for Vulnerable Patients: Adults undergoing cancer therapy or with organ transplants are advised to get a fifth vaccine, as per Finland's National Institute for Health and Welfare. Find out more about this recommendation and its potential implications.

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Adults undergoing cancer therapy or with organ transplants are strongly advised to get the fifth vaccine, as per THL's person in charge Hanna Nohynek, who oversees the vaccine campaign.


Following in the footsteps of Stockholm, the Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) advised people with severely compromised immune systems to receive a fifth COVID-19 vaccine. 

This category includes approximately 30,000 persons who were to receive the fourth booster shot waiting since past six months.

The latest recommendation only applies to this group of people, and the THL and the National Committee for Vaccines do not have any plans to suggest the fifth vaccine to a larger group, though such a requirement will be considered in summer.


Last month, Sweden's social affairs minister announced that the country's aged and vulnerable groups would be vaccinated the fifth dose of the vaccine for COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Finland's COVID-19 case count remains low in comparison to the rest of Europe.

In Germany, where infections are on the rise, Health Minister Karl Lauterbach encouraged those at risk to get a fourth COVID-19 vaccine, according to Rheinische Post. According to the newspaper, 6.3% of Germans have had four vaccinations.

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