For visitors traveling from Apia or Honolulu, prior COVID testing is no longer necessary

Travelers from Apia or Honolulu flying to American Samoa are no longer required to undergo pre-travel COVID testing. However, testing will still be conducted upon arrival in Pago Pago. Find out more about the updated travel regulations.

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The Department Of Health has suggested that travelers flying to American Samoa from the United States and Samoa ports need not be checked for Covid. Earlier the travelers had to get checked 72 hours before departure, but they will still be checked once they arrive in Pago Pago.


The suggestion, made by DoH patient care acting head Dr. Elizabeth Lauvao,  comes as American Samoa is gradually relieving COVID-19 Urgent Situation Proclamation constraints and adding more airliners to the territory.

 On June 2, weekly trips between  Pago Pag and Honolulu commenced, and the Department of Health mandated that passengers have at least one negative COVID-19 test done 72 hours before leaving for American Samoa, rather than the former standard of a second test.

Passengers coming from elsewhere to the United States — that is, those coming to the territory through the United States — should have completed the 72-hour assessment in the United States. The lab tests will be sent to ASG's TalofaPass online system, which keeps track of those who enter the region.


As the percentage of positive COVID-19  cases as a consequence of the fatal virus's community spread keeps dropping, the governor's latest emergency proclamation — beginning on May 28 — relaxes several internal limitations. Off-island visitors have also inquired if American Samoa would relax other entrance procedures, including COVID exams before leaving.

At Tuesday's media briefing, Dr. Lauvao revealed that the Department of Health has recommended: "no more pre-travel COVID-19 screening" for travelers flying to American Samoa from Apia, Honolulu, or Samoa, beginning June 13.

Passengers arriving from outside the United States and Samoa, however, will be checked at such entrance at Pago Pago International Airport adding that passengers arriving from outside Samoa and the US must stay in US or Apia for a minimum of 72 hours and have their COVID test done and uploaded to Talofa Pass at least  72 hours before departing for American Samoa.

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