Flu vaccine approved for €15 million

The government of Portugal approves €15 million for flu vaccine funding. Find out who is eligible for free vaccination in the National Health Service.

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The government of Portugal has authorised approximately 15 million Euros for paying for the virus vaccine required during the current season, according to the Health Ministry.


The permission of spending was granted by the committee of Health Administratiors of the Region  to procure the influenza vaccination in consultation with the Council of Ministers on Thursday.

When asked about the permissible amount, the Ministry of Health said that the entire value cannot exceed 15,352,790.40 euros, to which VAT at the current legal rate is applied, which is 501,000 euros higher than in the flu season of 2021/2022. (14,851,577.85 euros).

The vaccination is free in the National Health Service for citizens 65 and older, pregnant women, persons living or hospitalised in institutions, people with certain illnesses, SNS health professionals, and firemen.

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