Fiji, Samoa Report More COVID-19 Cases

Discover the latest updates on COVID-19 cases in Fiji and Samoa, as 41 new cases were reported in Fiji and 128 new community cases in Samoa. Stay informed about the ongoing situation in these South Pacific Islands.

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Recently, there have been more cases of COVID-19 in Fiji and Samoa in the South Pacific Islands.


According to the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, 41 new cases of COVID-19 were reported between Friday and Monday.

17 of the 41 reported cases occurred in the central region of Fiji, while 21 occurred in the western region, and three occurred in the northern region.

Since the first confirmed COVID-19 case was reported in Fiji in March 2020, 863 people have died because of the disease.


COVID-19 positive cases in Samoa have now reached 13,924, according to the Samoa Observer, after the Samoan Ministry of Health reported 128 new community cases on Tuesday.

From Wednesday to Monday, there were no new reports of suspicious activity.

COVID-19 has claimed the lives of 27 people in Samoa as of this writing.

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