Estonia removed all Covid-19 restrictions 

Experience freedom in Estonia as the country removes all Covid-19 border restrictions. Visitors from any nation can now enter without any limitations, making travel hassle-free. Find out more about this exciting development.

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It is now possible for visitors from any nation to enter Estonia without encountering any border restrictions because the Estonian government has removed all Covid-19 border restrictions.


The Estonian government issued a statement on June 16 announcing that the new rule would be implemented with immediate effect. 

Foreign nationals who are not residents of the European Union, Monaco, European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland, the Vatican, Andorra, San Marino, and the UK will be able to travel freely after the relaxation of the ban on their crossing the border.

Visitors from "third nations" who were not EU or EEA nationals had to present a certificate proving that they had had the necessary vaccinations, recovered or had been tested before entering the country.

The country's quarantine restrictions have also expired recently - since June 1, allowing people who have been diagnosed with coronavirus and their close contacts to return to their normal lives.

Estonia and Germany are the last countries from the EU to fully lift travel restrictions.

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