Egyptian medical exhibition values Chinese knowledge

Discover the valuable collaboration between Egyptian and Chinese medical enterprises at Africa's premier medical exhibition. Explore the range of vaccinations, medications, and medical equipment showcased by 350 firms from 100 countries, including Sinovac's COVID-19 vaccines. Witness the enthusiasm of Chinese and Egyptian companies in fostering partnerships and transforming Egypt into a vaccination hub for Africa and the Middle East. Uncover exciting opportunities for Chinese pharmaceutical companies to enter the Egyptian and GCC markets, akin to European firms. Experience Mindray's cutting-edge diagnostic ultrasound equipment and delve into the diverse medical imaging and laboratory solutions offered in Egypt. Join the convergence of like-minded businesses seeking innovative solutions and collaboration prospects at this remarkable medical expo.

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Several Chinese pharmaceutical and medical enterprises attracted business opportunity seekers at one of Africa's major medical fairs and conferences.


The Africa Health ExCon offered vaccinations, medication, and medical equipment from 350 firms spread across 100 countries. For instance, Sinovac makes COVID-19 vaccines alongside Egypt's state-owned VACSERA.

"Sinovac is here to exhibit our services, our portfolio, and our enthusiasm in business cooperation with local partners," said Zhang Qichao, Sinovac's senior director of international business in Africa and the Middle East.

VACSERA with collaboration  with China is helping Egypt turn into a vaccination centre in Africa and the Middle East, Zhang said. Egyptians and other Africans visited Sinovac's exhibit throughout the three-day show.


Essam Halim Demetrios, the Egyptian pharmacist, visited Sinovac to discuss a possible partnership.

"We can work with Chinese drugmakers on marketing, production, import, etc. See! We're willing to work with Chinese companies, " said Demetrios.

As a pharmacist, I see great opportunity for Chinese firms to enter our markets, as European companies do in Egypt and the GCC.


Mindray demonstrated permanent and portable diagnostic ultrasound equipment at another booth.

Mindray's worldwide sales and marketing manager in Egypt and North Africa said the firm has been in Egypt for a long time.

"We provide a wide range of medical imaging and diagnostic laboratory solutions in Egypt," Liang added.

Omar Abdel-Aziz, head of Unified Procurement's technical department, said the medical expo sought to convene like-minded firms to discuss issues, solutions, and collaboration prospects.

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