Egypt has enough Covid-19 vaccines for citizens and foreigners<strong> </strong>

Get the latest update on Egypt's COVID-19 vaccine availability. The Ministry of Health ensures that both citizens and foreigners can receive free shots to protect themselves and their families. Find out more.

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On Tuesday, the Ministry of Health and Population of Egypt announced that COVID-19 shots are in stock for everyone in the country, including foreign nationals for free.


The ministry also stated that the Covid-19 shots are safe and efficacious in a statement on Facebook.

Previously, the health ministry said that pregnant and nursing women may take the Covid-19 shots without risk. Vaccines are available in all clinics for free, it emphasized.

The Ministry of Health urged citizens to make themselves available for the COVID-19 shots, which helps to safeguard family members from the deadly disease.

Furthermore, the ministry emphasized that the Egyptian state makes no exception when it comes to giving free COVID-19 shots to everyone in the country as part of its commitment to the eradication of the pandemic.

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