Effects of election violence on COVID -19 vaccinations and the dire situation of healthcare workers in Cameroon

Learn about the impact of election violence on COVID-19 vaccinations and the dire situation of healthcare workers in Cameroon. Discover the potential risks faced by healthcare professionals and the consequences for the vaccination campaign.

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During the time period covered by this article, a number of nations in the sub-region of Africa, including Cameroon, began making preparations for impending elections that would take place in 2022 and 2023. To this point, there does not appear to be a significant threat of election violence in Cameroon. 

While the peaceful transition of power in Sao Tome, as well as Principe, has shown the capacity to cement democratic achievements in the forthcoming electoral cycles, the contraction of political space has been witnessed in other nations. Frustration among the general population in Cameroon and other adjacent nations has been fueled in part by the economic impact of both the global coronavirus illness (COVID-19) epidemic and also the war in Ukraine. Cameroon is still at risk for another outbreak of COVID-19 despite the fact that restriction measures connected to the virus have just been eased. This is especially true considering the normally poor vaccination rates.

In addition, the conflict in Cameroon poses a direct risk to the lives of health care professionals and those who administer vaccinations in areas of conflict. They will continue to be at risk for potential acts of violence, which will cause the vaccination campaign to fall far behind schedule if they do not have the appropriate protection given to them by the government of Cameroon. 

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