Dominica Republic: An Up-surge Witnessed In The Nation, Coronavirus Update

Discover the latest update on the surge of COVID-19 cases in the Dominican Republic. With a rising number of fatalities, increased hospital capacity, and a concerning fatality rate, the nation is facing challenges and calls for action. Stay informed and take necessary precautions.

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Two fatalities were recorded after so long, in several week, raising the average casualty count to 4,379.


The number of additional cases in the region continued to rise throughout the day, hitting 3,805. The number of positive occurrences every day is presently at 15.91 percent, with a 4- week average of 7.08 percent, according to the officials.

Similarly, hospital capacity increased to 5.1 percent, with nine ICU patients accounting for 1.5 percent.

There is a 0.74 percent fatality rate.

In light of the foregoing numbers, there is anxiety in the nation, as well as calls for action, given that security has been left in the power of residents, and a large number of individuals remain uninsured.

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