Doctor in Estonia urges the government to quit stalling and adopt antiviral immunizations to save lives from Covid virus

Discover why a doctor in Estonia urges the government to take immediate action and adopt antiviral immunizations to save lives from the Covid virus. Find out about the two antiviral medications that could potentially block the virus's proliferation and the potential impact on public health. Learn about the current negotiations and plans for the treatment of coronavirus during the upcoming flu season.

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"Terevisioon" morning programme guest Dr. Argo Lätt, from the Rapla Family Medicine Center stated Friday that coronavirus treatments should be introduced as soon as possible since they can save lives.


 Latt says "Today, we really shouldn't be delaying. As opposed to merely reacting, we must take immediate action and organize for the following wave on the initial contact level "

"Today, we're in a tight spot.  There are two antiviral medications that actively block the coronavirus' capacity to proliferate, and modify it such a manner that it will die.." The first is Merck's Molnupiravir and the second is Pfizer's Paxlovid," said the doctor.

Molnupiravir, on the other hand, is still being evaluated by the European Medicines Agency, he said. Efficiencies of Paxlovid have been assessed at 90%. Clinical studies showed a 30% effectiveness rate for Merck's medication.


People in Estonia will have to wait while the European Commission negotiates a better price with the manufacturer. Estonia has said that it will go ahead and participate in the common tender in the EU to secure a better rate and price.

For this winter's flu season, the Health Board plans to treat coronavirus the same way.

Direct agreements with pharma producers have replaced the standard tender in several nations. "These countries include Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland, as well as France and Germany. These medications are already in use, with the UK having the greatest hands-on expertise "That's what Lätt had to say.


When the presenter questioned Argo Lätt if the medicine might have saved those who have passed on, he admitted that it could have done so.

According to a March report by Professor Krista Fischer, vaccinations have saved over 300 lives in the country this year, and I'd like to know how many more we might have spared if we had the medications.

According to the doctor, a five-day supply of Paxlovid costs between €650 and €750. "Currently, the medicine is only available to those at high risk. Both medications will be reimbursed in full by funds from the Health Insurance of Estonia pharmaceuticals commission on December 12th, with a patient payment of just €2.50 "Lätt was quoted as saying.

"As a result of the findings of the commission, it will be available only via prescription to those having the diagnosis of COVID-19. Individuals in high-risk categories, such as those with a body mass index (BMI) of 35 or more or those over 65, as well as those with chronic conditions including diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, and immune deficiencies, will be able to access it "he tacked on.

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