Do not delay getting the COVID-19 vaccine before it is scarce: Deyalsingh

Don't wait for COVID-19 vaccines to become scarce. Health Minister Deyalsingh urges immediate vaccination to stay ahead of emerging strains.

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COVID-19 vaccination should not be delayed because newer strains have demonstrated fewer symptoms, but it should also not be neglected. The advice was given by Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh on Wednesday during the virtual COVID-19 session. The Minister was concerned about the low COVID-19 vaccination rate.


According to the Minister, this development is especially concerning because fewer COVID-19 immunizations are being produced. "We have no idea what the future holds for COVID in terms of new versions," said Deyalsingh.

People, particularly parents of children aged 5–11, should get vaccinated now rather than wait for a new strain to arise. The Ministers of Health of India and South Africa have stated that major vaccine manufacturers have considerably reduced or discontinued production due to a drop in demand.

Deyalsingh reminded everyone that now was not the time to unwind. He recommended people get vaccinated to be protected against the disease. Immunizations against Pfizer COVID-19 were halted on June 5 because of a shortage of vaccines for second vaccinations, which will expire on June 30. The Minister emphasized this to the public.

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