Covid treatment moves to Critical care centres in San Marino

Critical care centers now taking over Covid treatment in San Marino as the Covid division at the State Hospital shuts down. Only one patient currently receiving intensive care, with fewer than 100 infected individuals in the country. Latest data shows a decrease in positive cases and hospital admissions in Italy.

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The Covid division in San Marino has been shut down, and a patient is now being treated in critical care.

The collection of data about the present situation in San Marino is now underway, but in the meanwhile, there is news regarding the termination of services provided by the Covid division at the State Hospital. The one and an only patient who had a positive test result is now being treated in an intensive care unit of the hospital. There are less than one hundred persons at this moment who have been infected with the virus; however, there are currently no people being isolated because of it.

A little more than 28,000 new infections have been reported in Italy, and there have been 70 fatalities. A significant reduction in the percentage of those who gave a positive response, which went from 20 percent to 12 percent. 219 patients were admitted to critical care, while the number of patients admitted to general wards dropped by 111 patients from the previous day.

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