Covid restrictions eased between Bahrain and Bangladesh

Bahrain and Bangladesh to resume visa issuance after four-year suspension. Covid restrictions being eased, allowing Bangladeshis to return to work in Bahrain. Over 900 individuals registered to return, with 161 firms interested in rehiring. Positive step for the labor market between the two countries.

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After a nearly four-year suspension, the Bahraini government will shortly resume issuing Bangladeshi visas.


Bangladeshis have been denied all forms of visas by the Middle Eastern country since 2018. These restrictions were largely due to Covid fears.

During a Facebook live session, Bangladesh's Ambassador to Bahrain, Nazrul Islam, said that 161 Bangladeshis who were unable to return to work in Bahrain owing to Covid-19 limitations will be the first to apply for a visa.

The Bangladesh embassy in Manama has recently invited anyone who wants to return to the country to register with it after much consultation with Bahraini authorities. At least 967 persons have expressed interest in returning to Bahrain.

"The employers of the 967 people who had signed up were contacted. Only 161 firms have contacted us about rehiring them back", Ambassador Nazrul said. Nevertheless, the easing of Covid restrictions will be beneficial to the rejuvenation of the labour market between the two countries.

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