COVID-related deaths in Russia total around 812,000, according to official figures

The total number of COVID-related deaths in Russia reaches 812,000, with a significant decrease in April. Analysis shows a concerning rise in excess deaths compared to pre-pandemic years.

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According to the recent data released by the Rosstat state statistical service, Russia has registered 812,127 COVID-related deaths since the outbreak of coronavirus infection began in April of 2020. These figures were based on calculations by the Reuters news agency based on recently released data by the Russian authorities. 


The number of deaths due to COVID-19 or related causes dropped from 35,887 in March to 11,583 in April, according to Rosstat. This is a positive sign as the increased number of COVID-related fatalities only points to a worsening health sector in a country as well as undue pressure on the already crumbling medical and health care aid system. 

Compared with the average mortality in the period between 2015-2019 in Russia, there were more than 986,000 excess deaths in the country between April 2020 and April 2022. Reports suggest that this increase may be due to COVID-19-related casualties. 

April of this year saw a decrease of about 7,000 compared to the average because fewer people died that month than usual. Calculating excess deaths is one of the most effective methods to assess a pandemic's true consequences, according to some epidemiologists.

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