Covid on the rise Amid Venezuelan visit to Azerbaijan

Covid cases surge in Azerbaijan following Venezuelan President's visit: Update on the rising infections and precautions in place.

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For the second day in a row, the number of Coronavirus cases spiked in Azerbaijan. It was on June 16th that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro arrived in Baku. The following day, Ilham Aliyev held a video conference with the visitor. Coronavirus was found in Venezuelan delegates, according to authorities.


Up until now in Azerbaijan, the number of Covid-19 infections was steadily decreasing to 10 infected per day, without any deaths.

Sadly, for the second day in a row, the number of infections has grown to 19. As of June 17, 34 new infections had been reported; as of Saturday - 26 have been reported. After a long delay, a death caused by a coronavirus has been documented.

The rise in cases started with the arrival of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in Azerbaijan. He arrived in Azerbaijan on June 16th after a long flight from Venezuela.


On June 17th, Ilham Aliyev had a videoconference with Nicolas Maduro. Venezuelan delegates were reportedly infected with the coronavirus, which necessitated the postponement of the meeting.

Nobody knows who in Venezuela's delegation has COVID-19 or where they are being treated or quarantined at this time, though. Venezuela's president's health remains unknown.

On June 17th, Nicolas Maduro left Azerbaijan. As a result of the coronavirus epidemic, Azerbaijan has kept all quarantine restrictions, save for vaccinated citizens visiting enclosed areas. The country's land borders remain blocked as part of a quarantine protocol. The current restrictions are valid until June 30.

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