COVID certificate requirement to remain for third-country travelers into Finland till June 30th

Traveling to Finland? Find out what you need to know about COVID certificate requirements for third-country travelers. Entry restrictions remain in effect until June 30th, with proof of vaccination, recovery, or negative test results necessary. Certain exemptions apply. Stay informed before you plan your trip.

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According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Interior of Finland, entry restrictions for overseas visitors will stay in effect until June 30. Passengers from other countries will still need to show confirmation of a coronavirus vaccine, virus recovery, or a recently taken negative COVID-19 diagnostic test to visit Finland. On June 2nd, a government meeting settled on this choice.


With some exceptions, anybody entering the EU or Schengen area from outside the European Union countries or the EU must have a valid proof or certificate for the total vaccinations or coronary heart disease diagnosed within the previous six months." As a result, only people born in 2006 or before are allowed to apply. According to a government directive issued in early May, entry restrictions into Finland will be eliminated on June 5th.

A large segment of travelers from non-Schengen/EU nations will be required to produce a certificate showing proof of accepted vaccination against COVID-19, recovery from the virus in the preceding six months, or a negative result statement after getting a COVID test done within the previous 72 hours prior to their arrival, under the new restrictions. 

Visitors who don't possess any of the following credentials at the time of admittance may be subjected to a COVID test. According to the Ministry of Health, anyone born in the year 2006 or earlier is excluded from the new law.

It is important to note that citizens of Finland who come to Finland from a country outside the EU (non-Schengen/EU nations), foreigners that hold residence permits in Finland, and visitors who wish to visit Finland for urgent family or other compelling reasons are exempt from the obligation. Visitors from countries on the EU Council's list of "epidemic-safe" third nations have the same right to enter the EU as EU citizens from these countries.

Citizens of China, Hong Kong, along with Macao will need to show proof of reciprocity before entering Finland. Visitors from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Romania, and Ireland are permitted to visit without restriction, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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