Covid cases in Slovenia outnumber test results

COVID cases in Slovenia significantly outnumber official test results, with a potential three to four times higher actual number, warns infectologist Mateja Logar. Increased access to testing is urgently advocated to combat the rising cases. Insights from the Health Ministry reveal a 56% increase in COVID cases in Slovenia, with no recent fatalities reported.

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Slovenia, LJUBLJANA – The number of COVID-19 cases in Slovenia has recently increased, but official figures are relatively low, with only 325 fresh infections diagnosed over the weekend. According to infectologist Mateja Logar, the true number is three to four times higher. Logar previously led a government-appointed task force to combat the pandemic, believes this is due to insufficient testing, and advocates for increased access to testing.

The number of covid cases in Slovenia shows an increase of 56%. According to the Health Ministry, no Covid patients have died since Friday. The most recent medical center reports say 36 patients were in regular Covid-19 wards whereas five were in the intensive care units.

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