COVID-19 restrictions apply to passengers flying internationally.

Stay informed about international COVID-19 travel restrictions for passengers flying internationally. Find out the requirements and guidelines set by destination countries. Check the official websites for the current criteria. Note that Turkmenistan Airlines reserves the right to deny boarding to passengers without the correct documents. Stay updated on epidemiological guidelines and wear a medical mask during travel. Remember that PCR test results are required for entry into Turkmenistan. Your cooperation is appreciated by Turkmenistan Airlines.

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1. International COVID-19-linked flight passengers' requirements


The "Turkmenistan" Airlines Open Joint Stock Company (OJSC) arranges and informs all information on a regular basis in order to sustain a high degree of accurateness. Because Covid-19 law in various countries is continually changing, "Turkmenistan" Airlines OJSC cannot promise the accuracy of the information supplied and cannot be held liable for any lack of relevance, validity, completeness, or quality. "Turkmenistan" Airlines OJSC retains the right to modify the information at any moment and without prior notification. The "Turkmenistan" Airlines OJSC provides connections to third-party websites but is not responsible for the content of those sites.

During the Covid-19-related restrictions, "Turkmenistan" Airlines OJSC reserves the right to deny boarding to passengers who are unable to provide or have provided incorrectly issued documents (Covid-19 test results, questionnaires, health announcements, and other forms) that are required by the destination country.

To prevent the spread of Covid-19, most countries have imposed travel restrictions on various sorts of persons arriving or transiting, as well as a number of medical and quarantine-related measures. The quarantine period is set by the state standards of the host country.


2. Before planning your trip, please check the current criteria of the country of destination on the following official websites:

3. Website navigation instructions


Citizens who are considering overseas travel should be aware of this!

Every passenger is required to follow the destination country's epidemiological guidelines. To understand more about the epidemiological needs of foreign countries, go to

4. Certain limitations apply to passengers travelling to Turkmenistan or transiting through Turkmenistan.


Passengers must present a negative (PCR) test result for Covid-19 in Turkmen, Russian, or English before registering at the airport. At least 48 hours prior to travel, the test and immunization certificate must be received. The validity of the PCR test certificate is determined by the date the biological material was obtained.

- to fill out the "Passenger's health and locator status form," which is relevant to COVID-19. The paperwork is submitted at the airport terminal's check-in desk prior to boarding. This form is also available for download.

- For the duration of the flight, a medical mask must be worn inside the airport terminal and aboard the plane (except for children under 5 years old).


The mask should be changed every two hours.

For the purposes specified, antibody test results, as well as any other test results other than PCR test results, cannot be used to confirm the absence of Covid-19 infection.

The OJSC "Turkmenistan Airlines" appreciates your assistance in evaluating the materials given.

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