Covid 19 is back in Bulgaria

Discover the latest Covid-19 update in Bulgaria: increase in cases, decrease in mortality, and progress in vaccination rollout. Stay informed and stay safe.

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29 Bulgarians who tested positive for Covid-19 died last week, according to a report on the unified information page dated June 6.


Bulgaria's weekly mortality toll from Covid-19 has been the lowest since 2022. According to the reports released on June 5th and 6th, there were no Covid-19 deaths.

There have been 1,165,856 new coronavirus cases in Bulgaria, with 1,124 occurring in the previous week.

There are currently 73,148 cases, a decrease of 3753 from the statistics as of May 30.


As of June 6, the Covid-19 morbidity rate in Bulgaria was 35.32 per 100 000 people per 14 days.

A week ago, there were 338 Covid-19 patients in Bulgaria's hospitals, 72 fewer than now, and 32 of them were in intensive care.

Covid-19 vaccinations have been given to 4,400,609 Bulgarian children so far, with an additional 2,650 given this week.

More than 2,059,887 people have received the full course of vaccination, including 687 last week, and more than 7,592,977 people have received a booster shot, including 1,749.

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