Covid-19 instances have resurfaced in Namibia

Discover the latest developments in Namibia's battle against Covid-19 as the country experiences a fifth wave of outbreaks. With an alarming increase in hospitalizations and concerns over vaccine hesitancy, find out why Namibian officials are warning against ineffective cures. Stay informed on the situation with 160,913 confirmed cases and 4,031 fatalities thus far.

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Namibia's Minister of Social welfare, Kalumbi Shangula, said over the weekend that his nation is experiencing the fifth wave of fresh coronavirus outbreaks, with a spike in the volume of people hospitalized.


According to Kalumbi Shangula, "the frequency of diseases in the school environment and in the community is a cause for worry."

"We are concerned that patients hospitalized in critical care units are individuals who have not been vaccinated," he lamented.

According to one recent research, "trust concerns continue making Namibians hesitant to get a vaccination against COVID-19 since many are apprehensive about the vaccine's safety and potential negative effects."

Namibian officials issued a warning in August 2020 to "the people against the use of elephant dung to cure the coronavirus, which is becoming increasingly popular due to the recent development of the pandemic."

"I am concerned that some unscrupulous persons would urge others to spend money on meaningless cures," Kalumbi Shangula remarked at the time. Namibia has registered "160,913 instances of contamination and 4,031 fatalities" since the outbreak began.

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