COVID-19 cases are at their highest level in months in Saudi Arabia

COVID-19 cases surge to highest levels in months in Saudi Arabia with 967 new cases announced. Find out the latest figures, recoveries, and preventive measures in place.

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On Monday, Saudi Arabia announced 967 new COVID-19 cases, raising the total number of confirmed cases in the Saudi kingdom to 772,269, the highest daily case figure in months.


On February 19, 2022, the Health Ministry of Saudi Arabia recorded 997 instances of COVID-19. In terms of the overall number of events held, Jeddah (164), Dammam (93), Makkah (43), and Madinah (27) were followed by Taif and Dhahran (26) and Abha (both 26). (24).

According to the Ministry of Justice, there were two homicides. Now, the total recoveries from the COVID-19 figure stand at 755,619, with 102 significant cases retrieved on Monday. To date, over 69 million vaccines have been administered in Saudi Arabia. Almost 34,000 fresh tests have been completed in the previous twenty-four hours.

Between May 28 and June 3, inspections were conducted at 298 hospitals (52 privately owned and 246 publicly owned), 332 healthcare facilities, 1,449 medical complexes, and 1,473 pharmacies in Saudi Arabia to ensure compliance with COVID-19 preventive measures.

In response to fears that the virus was spreading throughout Europe and North America, Saudi Arabia confirmed last month that no cases of monkeypox had been discovered.

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